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Carbon removal at gigaton scale

RepAir’s solution removes more carbon using less energy. Its efficiency and affordability make it viable at the gigaton scale — ensuring it will have a meaningful impact on atmospheric CO2 levels. And be a reliable pillar of your carbon removal portfolio.

A responsible and sustainable solution

Our solution is powered by renewable energy alone, emitting less than 5% of the CO2 it removes. A negligible carbon footprint, and built using only abundant and recycled materials, bridging your emissions gap sustainably, and responsibly. 

Measurable and meaningful impact

Our technology removes entirely additional net carbon as pure CO2 gas, which our partners permanently store or utilize with no downstream re-emissions. With robust verification, you can precisely measure the impact your carbon removal credits are making. 

Early Adopters

"At Counteract we believe that Direct Air Capture must scale responsibly with a careful eye on scarce resources. RepAir's exceptionally low energy consumption and modular design make them a standout solution in myriad settings"

Andrew Shebbeare


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Satisfying evolving ESG requirements and reaching net zero means planning long term. Partner with RepAir to manage your future offsets and build the most sustainable carbon removal credits into your portfolio.

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