Carbon removal that’s sustainable at the gigaton scale

RepAir’s innovative carbon removal solution is leaner, cleaner, and built to scale globally at a lower cost - for people, businesses and the planet.

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A leaner solution

Our continuous electrochemical process uses 70% less energy than existing direct air capture methods, and doesn’t require heat. Exceptionally affordable to build and run, our sustainable solution has unprecedented potential for scale.

How it works

A cleaner solution

Our technology’s made entirely from recycled or abundant materials and is powered by renewable energy alone, with a negligible carbon footprint. A complete, flexible solution, it can be easily integrated at any storage or utilization facility, anywhere.

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A measurable difference

RepAir’s measurable, additional solution guarantees carbon removal credits of the highest quality. Bridge your emissions gap, manage future offsets and cement your long-term ESG strategy by adding the most sustainable, scalable solution to your portfolio.

"We are witnessing the birth of a new trillion-dollar industry that will rival the size of today's oil and gas sector: the Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) industry. In this context, RepAir's scalable and affordable Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology is poised to become a frontrunner in delivering CDR on a large scale."

Yair Reem


Achieving the sustainable gigaton together

Cooperation is crucial for carbon removal at the gigaton scale. Innovative investors, material suppliers, and storage and utilization ventures — get in touch to explore potential partnership opportunities.

RepAir's Direct Air Capture Field Pilot
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