A viable pathway to the sustainable gigaton

Bridging the emissions gap is possible, but only with a carbon removal solution that’s truly sustainable at the gigaton scale.

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Carbon removal for people, businesses and the planet

Every year, around 50 gigatons of CO2 is released into our atmosphere. Reaching net zero by 2050 is unachievable by reducing emissions alone. Direct air carbon removal is essential, but typically has high energy demands and leaves its own lasting impact on people and the planet. 

To recover gigatons of atmospheric CO2 each year, we need a better solution. One that is kinder to the planet, socially responsible and commercially viable at global scale, capable of bridging the emissions gap of entire industries. We’ve developed that at RepAir — a next-generation carbon removal solution, better for people, businesses and the planet.

Achieving the sustainable gigaton together

RepAir Carbon was founded in 2020 with a mission to pioneer the most sustainable carbon dioxide removal solution. Our novel technology emerged from the research lab of Dr. Yushan Yan, the Henry B. du Pont Professor of Chemistry at the University of Delaware.

To realize the sustainable gigaton, we’re building an ecosystem of innovative partners — from world-leading material suppliers and storage and utilization providers, to forward-thinking investors and offsetters.

Our team of passionate pioneers

Amir Shiner

CEO & Co-founder

Yehuda Borenstein

Chairman  & Co-founder

Ben Achrai

CTO & Co-founder

Yair Reem

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Yushan Yan


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Why bother separating from the air when you can capture at the chimney where CO₂ is at much higher concentrations?

Reducing emissions at the source must be carried out on a large scale to get close to Net Zero. Corporations and individuals should strive to eliminate their emissions. However, reducing emissions to zero might not be possible. Additionally, some sectors are tough to abate (e.g., commercial aviation). Therefore, Carbon Dioxide Removal by Direct Air Capture must be implemented to complement capturing CO₂ at the source and bridging the “emissions gap” of billions of tons annually, thus enabling Net Zero.

Why do you need DAC, and why planting trees is not enough?

To reach Net Zero by 2050, billions of tons of CO₂ must be removed annually from the atmosphere. A tree can remove about 20 kg of CO₂ every year. It takes years to reach maturity and is hard to monitor and verify. In addition, trees take up a lot of arable lands, and when burned, they release all CO₂ back into the atmosphere. DAC solutions can reach the gigaton scale that is needed at a much shorter period than trees. They take much less land that is not arable since it can be placed in remote locations close to the point of storage or utilization.

What RepAir’s solution is unique in the DAC market?

Our solution is based on a modular electrochemical system that is scalable and flexible. It is designed for the gigaton scale. It’s very sustainable, as it only works on renewable energy and is very efficient, using one-quarter of the energy required by conventional solutions.

What makes your DAC solution economically viable at scale?

Our DAC solution is designed to become economically viable at scale. Our solution’s energy consumption is very low. This dramatically reduces the system’s operating expenses. In addition, our technology is very modular – it is based on identical electrochemical cells stacked in large numbers. Due to this modularity, capital costs will also be reduced at a large scale when cells are mass produces.

Can you build a plant anywhere in the world?

Yes. Since we only need a reliable source of renewable electricity and a CO₂ storage solution on-site, our system can be placed anywhere in the world.

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Please get in touch with us by email: info@repair-carbon.com