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Kenyan president aims to attract green investment during U.S. visit

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RepAir and Cella Launch Carbon Capture and Storage Partnership in Kenya

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Northwestern University to lead testing of nuclear-powered direct air capture

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A CCS partnership has been established in Kenya between RepAir and Cella

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RepAir, Cella partner to launch carbon capture in Kenya

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RepAir and Cella team up for Kenya carbon capture project

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RepAir, Cella launch carbon capture and storage partnership in Kenya

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RepAir Teams Up With Cella For Innovative DAC Initiative In Kenya

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RepAir and Cella launch CCS partnership in Kenya

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Breakthrough development for carbon capture leads to commercial venture


The New Energy Challenge: Finding the Missing Links in the Energy Transition

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Using Less Energy to Capture CO2 is Key to DAC Race

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DAC tech firm targets sub-$100/tCO2 capture by 2030

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A continuous electrochemical process for direct-air CO2 removal

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Tech to fight the climate crisis: An inspirational conversation with Amir Shiner

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Carbon Capture Startup Gets Israel Innovation Authority Grant

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Startup Profile: RepAir Carbon

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RepAir demonstrates sustainable carbon removal at gigaton scale

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RepAir Unveils Direct Air Capture (DAC) Field Prototype, Demonstrating Sustainable Carbon Removal at the Gigaton Scale

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RepAir Unveils Direct Air Capture (DAC) Field Prototype

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RepAir Launches Direct Air Capture Field Prototype